We recognize that there is a HUGE community of diverse and tremendously talented individuals in this wide beautiful area of the 
Tri-State area. We also notice the amount of passion, expertise, hard work, dedication and professionalism that the community theatres,schools, clubs, arts organizations, teachers, directors and many more, put into so many facets of the creative and artistic community that is thriving in the Tri-States. We are committed to helping others, instilling all artists with skills, confidence and respect for others.

We are working artists with an intense and long-term commitment -- to the creative process; to exploring the profound intelligence of the imagination; to cultivating successful careers in the performing arts and community; to developing political, ethical and cultural consciousness;and mostly, to help bring "rise" to amazing, versatile, valued and self-sufficient artists & entertainers from this wonderful area of the world.

We want to give you an EXPERIENCE that will serve YOU through LIFE

Center Stage Music is much MORE than simply a place to come learn how to sing, how to play an instrument, take a dance or acting class or learn to be a better songwriter. From commercial to classical singers and musicians; whether your favorite focus as an actor is method or improvisation; from Bluegrass to Opera or Hip-Hop to Gospel; whether you want to be a guitarist in a rock band or aspire to be the first violinist for a philharmonic; whether you dream of dancing with your baby or think it would just be fun to learn how to ballroom dance- our goal is to offer YOU an ENRICHING, REWARDING and BROADENING experience.

We will pour our heart into providing a professionally-based program(s) to fit the needs and aspirations, however great or small, of each individual student.  We accomplish this by bringing together gifted coaches, mentors and instructors with diverse, accredited and professional-working resumes in various creative and artistic fields of expertise. And most importantly, by just loving and having fun in what we do!

Our ongoing mission is to always be recognized as an enrichment center for the"common," as well as the "uncommon" creative and performing art forms and artists. Our vision is that as we ALSO continue to learn and advance as individuals and artists; and,that OTHERS will come to us seeking that knowledge while sensing our excitement to share it. Our hope is to attract people from all walks of life, with different tastes and styles, from varied backgrounds and that possess unique or multiple talents at ANY level.
Why open a music & performing arts studio in the Tri-State area?


                     Music studio to open in Downtown Quincy
                                              by Jamie Busen for QuincyNews.org

The Historic Quincy Business District’s newest addition encompasses all aspects of the performing arts.

Chenille and Matt Saunders are bringing Center Stage Music to 132 N. Fifth, which formerly housed the Paw Pals

The couple will utilize 4,100 square feet of the 5,600 square foot building as a place to teach various types of music
and vocal lessons to all ages and levels. The facility opens Aug. 17 with sessions starting in September.

According to Chenille Saunders, those lessons will include but won’t be limited to: piano, guitar, voice, strings, brass 
and winds.

Saunders, a nationally renowned singer and performer herself, said they’d also provide things like ballroom classes, an adult and teen 
improv troupe, Mommy and Me classes and classes on music theories, pageant etiquette and songwriting. In addition, she said they are on 
the lookout for teachers who can teach more than one instrument or those who can create and teach choreography. 

She and her husband opened the Center Stage Music in Carthage seven years ago. That facility will stay open and “run as usual.” 

“We have seen such a growth in our students and their parents with our program. We don't just give a piano lesson or voice lesson. We
believe that the student/artist should be learning more than just playing an instrument,” she said. “We want them to be able to leave our 
studio with amazing stage presence, self discipline and confidence to do whatever it is in life they want to do. The lessons learned in our 
studio will be lessons that will be used throughout their life.”

Saunders said when they decided to expand into a larger area, they knew they wanted to stay in the Midwest. 

“Quincy has such a wonderful sense to it, and the people are so talented it seemed like a great place to be,” she said. 

She hopes those who utilize her facility find it to be “a classy environment, yet fun for learning at the same time.” 

Their reasons for being downtown, she said, are simple. 

“The Historic Square is a prime location for any business owner looking to move into Quincy, especially for music (and the) performing arts,” 
she said. “We are thrilled to be part of the downtown and the character that it holds.” 

Registration and enrollment forms, tuition and schedules are all online at www.centerstagemusicschool.com or people can come into the 
studio on or after Aug. 17. A ribbon cutting and open house is slated for September. 

Travis Brown, executive director of the HQBD, said the place will be a “great addition” to downtown. 

“Matt and Chenille have a unique business that should really attract students and families to the area,” he said. 


Center Stage Music School of Quincy holding AUDITIONS! August 4, 2010 United States of America

Auditions for "The Elite" touring.performing group. The Elite perform several times a year with one big performance in June. In 2011 they will perform in Branson, Missouri. 

(Free-Press-Release.com) August 4, 2010 -- 

AUDITIONS will be held at the end of August for "The ELITE" Touring/Performing Group of Center Stage Music in Quincy, Illinois. The group will be ages 13-18. If auditioning you will need to be prepared to sing a one minute song. A short dance routine will be practiced and performed as well as a cold reading. This group does singing, dancing, and drama and will then perform for educational forums, entertainment venues and more! Classes start in September and will go through June 2011. Please call to arrange your audition time. 217-357-6683 or you can contact us online at www.centerstagemusicschool.com 

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